At Holistic Care Service, we have a team of qualified and experienced PCAs to assist aged-care residents in surpassing the challenges of their health. Our staff is compassionate, and works closely with you to ensure that all your requirements are looked after.

Our PCAs are responsible for caring for aged residents, and ensure that they receive their medications on time, along with assisting them with mobility, meal preparation, bathing, and other grooming tasks. They are experienced in working with aged-care residents and understand the importance of complying with workplace health and safety responsibilities. Our PCAs are committed to carry out the following activities:

  • Closely monitoring every resident’s health status and progress, and documenting it accordingly
  • Helping aged-care residents with routine tasks and daily activities including those of personal care, and hygiene maintenance
  • Abide by the care plan for every resident, as their requirements vary as per their health condition
  • Maintain regular communication, and build strong relationships with residents and their families to enhance their lives
  • Reporting any potential risks to residents, or the management of the aged-care facility
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