When a person is facing health conditions that no longer respond to curative treatments they often wish to stay in their own homes surrounded by the people and things that they love. The challenges of being at home and maintaining a high quality of life can be overwhelming for the family members of the ill patient. We have experienced, professional staff members who can help integrate the care the patient receives so they have inpatient care in the privacy of their home. We understand that at this time a patient has physical needs, emotional needs, and is facing the spiritual aspects of life.

Our staff members are trained to provide care to the patient, and support to their family. We help to maintain the comfort level of the patient while they remain in an environment of their own choosing. Our staff is available 365 days a year, 24 hours each day, so that Palliative patients and their families are never alone. Our services include:

  • Personal Care
  • Pain Management
  • Medication Administration
  • Maintaining Skin Integrity
  • Preventing Pressure Ulcer
  • Emotional Support for Client and Family
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